What to knit next…

Hello once again all 🙂 It seems such a long time since I have been able to write a post, due to my other commitments, my knitting has sadly had to take a backseat but now I am happily finding more time for it and my other hobbies. The only problem though is that I am just not sure what my next knitting project should be… As many of you know, I love making gifts for others, and for the last year my three close friends received knitted gifts for their birthday presents. Knitting baby items always gives me a feeling of satisfaction, but they are over so quickly that I would like a break from these for a while.

Now, I would like to challenge myself but what this should be I have absolutely no idea. Seeing as I am unable to knit in the circular, either using circular or double pointed needles, I do think this should be something I should conquer. Although not the same, crochet is another craft I have always thought would be good to learn, but maybe this is one to learn once I have mastered more knitting; there is still so much more I need to learn knitting wise first. If anyone has any suggestions regarding a knitting project for me, please let me know! I will be very grateful 🙂


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