Babies, lots of baby goodies

I’m at the age now where lots of my friends are getting married and sooner or later are having babies. I always find it nice to be able to give some homemade gifts to the newborn baby, usually in the form of a hat, mittens and little booties to keep them warm. In addition to making these for a newborn, I also make them for different age ranges as babies grow so quickly and living in the UK the weather is rarely warm enough! Every time I make something, it amazes me how tiny each item is.

I remember making baby hats for the first time. One of my close friends was becoming an aunt and I had just started knitting again, so baby hats seemed like the perfect project to begin with. Eventually I moved onto making mittens and booties, although the booties were a little harder at the time I have to admit! Although I have never met this child, being my first model I have seen lots of photos of her and she is of course gorgeous! 🙂

Now that I am getting a slightly better at knitting, I have attempted to knit a few cardigans for newborns. Once I have completed each cardigan, I am once again shocked at how tiny they are and wonder how a baby will be able to fit into it. When I give one away and see a baby in it, I will take comfort in the fact that it does actually fit! One item which I really want to make is a blanket. Although it would be lovely to knit, I feel that if and when I learn to crochet, this would be a more ideal skill for making a blanket.

A selection of the baby goodies that I have still have and am waiting to give away.

Due to how tiny each hat, mitten and bootie is, it does not take long to complete each one of these, and I now have many of these ready to give away to the next baby when born. If and when I find a set of items, I always try and make them together and give them away as a set. Currently, I am giving all of my goodies away to family and friends, but I do feel I should give some of my goodies to charity shops or to hospital wards. It is always nice to see to photos of babies, but it is even nicer when they are wearing something that you have knitted! 🙂


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