Creativity and looking after your mental health

Apologies to begin with for my lack of posts in recent weeks, but due to my other commitments, my knitting and writing has had to sadly take a backseat. The other day however, I read a news article which was of particular interest to me which stated that some creative activities such as knitting and crochet were good for your mental health and made you more relaxed the following day. Other activities that were mentioned include cooking and painting.

In the past year or so, there has been a recent trend in the selling of colouring books for adults. People that use colouring books have been said to be practising a mental health technique known as mindfulness, which is known for helping people to relax. It is therefore very likely that just by being creative one is practising mindfulness and looking after their own mental health whilst enjoying themselves too. From what I can recall, other activities mentioned in the article were painting, cooking but especially making recipes and composing your own music. All of these were ways that people found helped them to relax and switch off from the daily strains from life; maybe we should all try them?

Personally, when I am knitting, I find it helps to take my mind off things and to de-stress. As I have previously said in other posts, I tend to make gifts for other people, so that also gives me a feeling of satisfaction, especially when handing the items over and seeing the look on the persons face. One example is the cake set and the tea cosy I made for one of my friends. Not only do love knitting, but one of my other favourite activities is cooking, especially baking 🙂  Whenever it is someone’s birthday at work, I will always try and make them a cake to celebrate. Once again when it comes to cooking I enjoy baking for relaxation as everyone loves eating cake! A day of batch cooking is always fun too, that way there is always food in the freezer when you do not have enough time to cook; it is definitely better than eating the same meal for days on end.

For me, looking after your mental health is extremely important, as mental health is something which is close to my heart and a topic which does not get talked about nearly as often as it should. Not only this, but sadly it is not funded in the same way as physical health conditions are despite what the government says. Although we are in the 21st Century and times have moved on for many things, we still need to progress and end the stigma about talking about our mental health.

Finally, remember to relax, always enjoy being creative and look after yourselves.


One thought on “Creativity and looking after your mental health

  1. Crochet is my perfect relaxing activity. I love patterns that are repeat stitches when I’m feeling daydreamy, and more complicated patterns when I’m anxious or worried about something. The act of needing to really pay attention to what I’m doing distracts my busy mind. Nice post – crafts are more than just hobbies! 😀


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