A flowery treat for myself

After making lots of gifts for others, I thought it was about time to make something for myself, although I had no idea what. The lightbulb moment came when speaking to a friend and she mentioned how a group of them were knitting some flowers for the bride to be for her bouquet of flowers. What a wonderful idea!

This reminded me of a lovely small vase I bought on a holiday in Malta. Sadly, this is too small to put flowers in it and has been sitting on my windowsill looking pretty but with nothing in it. Now, however, with lots of small knitted flowers in it, it can still look pretty and be used for what it is supposed to be for 🙂 As per usual for me, the start for finding patterns began. This was a little harder than expected as there were a lot of flower crochet patterns but not so many for knitting, and then there is the problem of what they look like! Eventually I found some patterns that I liked and started knitting them using some of the random wool in my collection. Although most of the flowers only gave the flower head, I decided to attach a stem as well, making it easier to place in the vase. I continued to make more flowers until my poor vase couldn’t hold any more! I’m very happy with the end result, and now when I see my vase it not only reminds of my lovely holiday in Malta with my friends but it also reminds me of my ability to knit as many of my projects have been given away.

My Mdina glass vase before and after I knitted the flowers.

A little more about this vase… There is a region in Malta called Mdina, which is famous for its beautiful glass. It is extremely difficult to go and not be drawn in to the amazing glassware in the shops. I remember being in the shops and having great difficulty deciding which items to buy, if I had even more money I would most definitely have bought more! In the end though, I bought the vase and a small bowl which now stores some of my bits and bobs. If you ever go to Malta, I seriously recommend going to Mdina and buying some of the beautiful glassware.


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