Norfolk camping

In the summer, I went camping with some of my friends in the Norfolk countryside. This being the first time I had been camping since I was a teenager meant I required a list of things I would need to take with me. When told I should take a hat with me, my first thought was, “ARGH I don’t have one” quickly followed by “actually, I can knit myself one”. When I mentioned this to my friends, I was suddenly given a task of making hats for all of us!

At the moment, my method for making hats is to cast on the stitches to meet the right circumference, knit until the length is reached and begin the decrease of stitches before joining the two sides together creating the hat. I am aware that this probably is not the best method, but it works for me. I am however willing to try and learn other methods.

Using the wool that I already had and complete guess work I went about making some hats, but unfortunately for me this was not as smooth sailing as it should have been. Previously all of the hats that I had knitted were for babies, so I had no idea how many stitches I required for the circumference to actually fit our heads. I also decided it would be nice, different and a warmer hat if I used a few different colours mixed together. The first problem I came across was that I underestimated the amount of wool I required and had to change one of my colours towards the end of this first hat, oops! When I finally finished this hat, it was sad to see that it was slightly too small for my big head… Luckily thought I still had time to make some others.

The hat I knitted for myself.

With some adjustments to my original design and the realisation that slightly more wool would be required, I set about making another hat. Thankfully by the time I completed this one, it actually fitted me! 🙂  Now I had mastered how to make our hats, I just needed to make another three for all of us. My hat is made up of purple, teal, red and pale grey wool. The second hat has green, yellow and blue wool, all of which is leftover from the budgies I knitted. Another hat is light green, brown, dark orange and pale grey, while the final hat is made of blue, light red, light purple and deep pink wool.


Although it was the summer when we went camping, the hats were sadly required. I say sadly, but I was very thankful after knitting them!  At least they kept our heads warm, and everyone was happy with them. Unfortunately one friend was unable to make it camping, but after knitting the hat for her, I still gave it to her although I am yet to see her in it and hope that it has not been put in the bin… I still have the hat that went wrong and do not know what to do with it now. Maybe a small child will want to take it off my hands?


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