Tea and cake

Like most people, my friends and I enjoy eating cake, but this is even better with a cup of tea and a catch up. Each time a group of us from university we meet up, we always have tea and cake, whether this is in a nice tea shop, or one of us has baked a cake. If we’re 100% honest with ourselves, how could be resist this lovely treat?

Following one of these meet ups, I was asked by my friend Jeannette if I could knit a tea cosy after some gorgeous tea cosies were on our teapots. Next came the hunt for some tea cosies that I thought would be appropriate for her, and boy there LOTS out there! Eventually I found one which I liked, but more importantly she would love even more. For a while now, we have been discussing how Jeannette should set up her own cake business, so naturally when I found a tea cosy in the shape of a cupcake that was the one I decided must be knitted. Even better, a second pattern was present for little cupcakes in their cases, so I could make some of these too!


Some knitted tea and cake goodness. Who wouldn’t want some?!

The pattern for the tea cosy itself was quite cosy to follow, but not having the actual teapot to fit the tea cosy too made it a little harder. Luckily though, having been asked to make this, it was fine to ask questions such as the size of the teapot it was going to be used for. Once the tea cosy was made, with the leftover wool I had, I decided to make a few of the little cupcakes in their cases previously mentioned. Randomly when looking for some more patterns, I found some for cake slices. The first thing that came to mind was this would be a great theme for a birthday gift, so I obviously decided to make a few of these to go with the cupcakes.

Hopefully, the tea cosy is coming in handy, and the cupcakes and cake slice is looking pretty on the cake stand 🙂 The cakes can never make up for real cakes though, we will always need them and hopefully no-one confuses the two!



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