Birthday Budgies

A university friend of mine, Alice, went on to study a PhD with budgies, and as a joke we always buy her bird related gifts for her birthday presents. This has continued even though she has now completed her PhD, and will no doubt continue for a long time to come. This year however, I thought I’d be a little different and knit some budgies for her. Not knowing how to knit budgies, my first task was finding a pattern which I could follow seeing as I’m not actually very good at knitting. My first problem was there were lots of budgies you can crochet but not many to knit, but I finally settled on a pattern by Debi Birkin. Next, was working out colours to use and buying any extra wool I might require. As I do not know much about budgies, and she has spent four years studying them, I was eager to get these colours right, but luckily for me there are some photos of her beloved budgies that I was able to refer to!

Once the wool arrived, the knitting of budgies could commence. Following the pattern was fairly easy, there were a few terms which I did not understand being a knitting novice, but nowadays with the internet and such it was easy to find out what needed to be done. Each budgie consisted of the head and main body, an underwing for each side, two side wings and finally the tail. To make it 3D, the head and body of the budgie was stuffed with toy stuffing and the tail was made flexible by using a pipe cleaner before attaching it to the body of the budgie. Finally, the wings and underwings were attached to the body creating a fully fledged budgie! Lastly, the facial features of the eyes and a beak were sewn on to make the budgie look more realistic, or in some cases, a little scary.

A few photos of the knitted budgies and their birdcage

In total, I knitted five budgies and placed them in a bird cage although this was a little small for them, and some would say even overcrowded… Luckily though, they are only knitted so does not amount to animal cruelty. Thankfully, they are loved by Alice, and that’s all that matters.


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